Erin Andrews Security Trained In Presidential Protection Techniques

Erin Andrews and President Obama have something in common other than their chests have been the subject of vast media attention.

They share similar security details.

Men have been specifically trained to protect both from the scumbags in this world who would harm them – or put a peephole camera into a hotel door.

Yep, the Technician (student newspaper at N.C. State) should be commended for getting the scoop on just who was responsible for protecting EA upon her reintroduction into society this past Thursday night.

The national coverage for State’s home opener against South Carolina also brought a set of concerns.

“We started coordinating with ESPN about three weeks ago because they bring in millions of dollars of equipment. We bring in officers for security purposes for their equipment,” Younce said. “It really is a big operation.”

In addition, the fanfare associated with celebrity reporter Erin Andrews required special attention.

“We have an officer assigned to her in addition to her bodyguards,” Younce said. “We have some officers trained in security. Secret service trained us so that is one of our officers is assigned to her.”

Has this situation really gotten to the point where normal police officers cannot protect Erin Pageviews? Paparazzi was able to get up to the door of her Atlanta residence which is in a gated community.

David Whitley of FanHouse reported last week that there was a “Secret Service-looking guy” with EA at the NC State game.

I can’t believe any sane woman would willingly subject herself to what Andrews has been through. And Andrews has never appeared to be crazy.

She stopped at the top of a ramp and got a transportation cart with the Secret Service guy. It was my chance to play Bill O’Reilly, but I pretty much choked.

“It was good to see you back,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said. “It was good to have something else to worry about.”

Then Whitley was dropped like a sack of potatoes by Secret Service agent who was looking for any hidden cameras in the reporter’s pants pockets. (Not exactly, but it would have been time appropriate.)

How long until EA rides around a football field in a Pope-Mobile? Post-game interviews would be conducted when players and coaches enter the bubbled Mercedes.

Meanwhile, GoBlazers1 is still out there. And the Oprah interview is just about here so that this story remains a story.


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The days of accessibility to Pageviews is likely over.

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