USC Song Girls Honor Michael Jackson With Halftime Show, Joe Jackson Wants Royalties



Nothing would make Michael Jackson’s corpse smile  like the USC Song Girls honoring him with a halftime show at Saturday’s San Jose State scrimmage.

This has to go down as one of the biggest miscalculations in Song Girl history.

You mean to tell us the ladies chose to honor a gay guy who didn’t watch college football – unless Ball State was on ESPN2?

We get the whole “halftime shows are all about pop culture,” crap. Maybe the ladies would like to honor the firefighters battling wildfires that are destroying homes and engulfing entire mountains. Oh, and they are dying too.

What’s next? Brett Favre: Honoring An American Legend?

Pictures of this madness after the jump…




BTW…who let Big Bird onto this squad? Somewhere an Oregon cheerleader is laughing.




And the ladies ended the day by celebrating with USC band boys. [Credit]

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