Jenn Sterger Stays Busy Talking Balls, Releasing Boobie Cleavage Shots



The talk earlier this morning about the Florida State Cowgirls got us thinking:

Where In The World Is Jenn Sterger?

This research project didn’t take long.

She’s no longer with the Jets PR division and didn’t return to Florida. In fact, she’s living in the megalopolis and doing comedy videos for the guys at 12 Angry Mascots.

It pains us to say this about the new Sterger YouTube video – it is actually funny. And she is still hot.


Ball TLK is a far cry from her days being lusted after by Brent Musberger, but Jenn seems to be happy if you happen to follow her tweets.

We’ve always said that boobs can only take you so far in this sports world. Eventually these sports-istas will come to a fork in the road where it’ll either be ball talk YouTube videos or a sex video.

BC is patiently waiting for the sex tape.

[Jenn Sterger – Twitter]



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