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From The Couch: ESPN Discovers New Florida State Cowgirls & Erin Andrews O Face Part II

“Miami just won? Oh, well. Now we’re famous!”

You know Brent Musberger last night’s Miami-Florida State game for two reasons: he had the OVER and wanted to see the 2009 crop of Cowgirls.

It has been 5 years since Muffberger gave Jenn Sterger’s boobs a career break and the rest is history.

Last night ESPN cameras introduced us to new Cowgirls whether they are official or not. Now, it is the duty of BC readers to track down the names of these ladies.

Have a photo or want to tell us the names of these ladies?

EA ‘O’ face after the jump….


So many ways to go with this gem sent in from the bloggers at NFL Juice.

And Art McGregor sent us a pic of Ohio State fans getting cozy with Middies before nearly getting beaten by the Naval Academy. So much for that “clap for Navy before kicking their ass,” vow, eh?


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