BC’s Maxim Hometown Hottie Endorsements: Stevie Lynn Has Fake Boobs, Works In Autopsy, Likes Guns & The Ohio State Buckeyes


Update: Stevie Lynn, thanks to the voting of Busted Coverage degenerates, has moved on to the 2009 Maxim Hometown Hotties Finals. New photos upcoming. Hang tight.


Earlier this week we told suggested you vote for Bianca Cruz in the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest.

But you can also vote other fine ladies into the finals with Ms. Cruz. She needs someone to be her backup.

Enter Stevie Lynn, a Tampa-based model.

There are very specific reasons why Stevie stole our heart.


In no particular order:

• Says she’s it’s all real – no implants, fake lips, chin carving, lipo, etc.

• Works as an autopsy assistant. How friggin’ cool is that? Talk about dying and going to heaven.

• She digs guns.

• Is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

• Single

Um, call us.

Yeah, it’s unclear how a hot chick gets into autopsy but that has to be the coolest combination of hottness and awesomeness wrapped up in a non-implanted chest.


Now, get off your asses and vote Stevie into the finals.

[Vote Stevie! Maxim Hometown Hotties Semis]

[Stevie – MySpace]


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