GameDay 2009 Atlanta: Blount Punched My Sign, Gay Marriage, Herbstreit’s Cougar And Green Man


Our GameDay correspondent with the early sign winners of the day.

The plan back in March was to be in the Big House this afternoon for the Western Michigan-Michigan 3:30 EST kickoff.

Myself and friend of BC, Brandon Hiller, had huge plans of catching football games throughout the Midwest starting today. Tailgates. We’d share stories of past football weekends. New stories. New friends. Tickets had been purchased. We were all prepared.

And then it happened.

Brandon had a medical emergency and was left battling for his life in a freak April accident where he fell out of a volleyball referee stand and fractured his skull. Over 4 months later he is still in a Cleveland hospital.

What makes today so much harder is that Brandon’s cousin Tim Hiller, quarterback at Western Michigan, begins his assault on more Broncos records, a quest to win a MAC title and a very likely call from the NFL.

Brandon, an avid Ohio State fan, wanted nothing more than to be in Ann Arbor watching Tim light up the Wolverines.

Instead we’ll watch from the hospital room.

[WMU’s Tim Hiller has a summer to remember – Freep]











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