Kirk Herbstreit’s Orange Glo Face Dominates All Sides Of ESPN GameDay Bus



The ESPN Skin Cancer 500: Herbie takes commanding lead.

We spent much of last night texting BC correspondents in D.C. and Atlanta who were checking in with crap BC readers really care about:

Poon and Kirk Herbstreit’s skin color on the side of the GameDay bus.

You might remember the hoopla last year when Herbie complained about his Kenny Rogers Roaster look, which led to a Photoshop job on his crispy complexion.

He’s not as black this year, but Kirk is looking a little on the toasted side. Might be time to break out the 50 S.P.F., buddy.

“Evolution Of Kirk Herbstreit’s Face On GameDay Bus….” after the jump.







Anyone else notice something strange about this image on the new bus?

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