Good Morning America Recaps The Erin Andrews Nude Video Story You Already Knew


New news on EA Scandal®. Sausage fingers cloned into her neck!

Well that was a bust.

If they (lawyers, EA, ESPN, ABC) want this “Erin Andrews Naked Videos” story to go away, why is GMA tackling the news that there isn’t any new news?

There was no exclusive interview for Disney partner GMA. Instead we get an Entertainment Tonight-like report regurgitating everything men already knew.

Oh, and as you can see after the jump, ABC made sure to include the 911 call audio. Oh, the shock! The Horror! The Angst! The Lawyers Shutdown Notices! The Pain!

Um, if you never told the world those videos were her there wouldn’t be a story. Give us a break.

Earlier: Erin Andrews is scheduled to talk with Good Morning America in about 5 minutes according to Diane Sawyer’s bumper promo that aired about 5 minutes ago. Of course we will be all over this to bring you the latest talk of hotel room videos.