Daily Dump: Maybe Erin Andrews Wanted To Be Naked, Redskins Cheerleader Uni Choices, Romo’s New POA, Deer Fighting On VS., How To Tag A TILF, Vietnam’s Paris Hilton And Alessandra In Vogue



A half-Romanian, half-Italian hybrid with a Chinese lettering tat.

We’ve been getting a ton of “Wanna trade links with us” requests this week.

Look, we’ve said it maybe 100-200 times. Send us your crap and it’s very likely we’ll link to it if it doesn’t completely suck. Don’t write to us saying “Wanna trade,” because it’s very likely that BC is bigger than your operation. Just start sending us emails with links.

Quit acting like rookies and just jump into this business. Send us your sh!t. It saves us time and maybe we’ll discover the next great blogger.




Today’s Dump:

…we get the first Wednesday in September started with new Megan Fox pictures [Don Chavez]

Here we go again, SF Gate blogger says maybe EA wanted to be naked on video [SF Gate]

Redskins cheerleaders have 3 versions of unis to choose from this year [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Site claims this is Tony Romo’s new girlfriend – Miss Missouri [JerseyChaser]

The latest sports show picked up by VS.? Deer fighting! [TV Tan Line]

Friday is kickoff for the Lingerie Football League. A preview. [Gunaxin]

OSU comes to the defense of Rich Rod on extra workouts? Unbelievable! [Dr. Saturday]

How insulting! NFL Films makes yearbook video of Detroit Lions 2008 season [Rumors and Rants]

David Wright is literally swimming in this helmet [The Fightins]

In other dork news, Steve Nash joins a Beijing pickup game wearing these classic glasses [Ball Don’t Lie]

The Universal Freshman Class Syllabus [CollegeHumor]

How To Sleep With Your Teacher – AKA TILFs [MadeMan]

Wall Street Journal teaches readers about BJ Services [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

25 Hot Girls Fishing. A Gallery. [Holy Taco]

We’ve been slacking in the hot Chilean woman department [on205th]

Vietnam’s version of Paris Hilton minus the horrible use of English language [The Chive]

We close our eyes and click on this page….and see what pops up [DoubleViking]

Britney and Jaime Lynn at the pool, bitches [CelebSlam]

Alessandra Ambrosio in some foreign issue of Vogue [The Beer Goggler]

Alix has red hair and that “Sex with me is pretty damn good,” look [Flisted]

Runway show nip slip highlights Syndney Fashion Festival 2009 (NSFW) [MeandIsis]

…and we close with this fantasy football draft wishlist – midget strippers needed [Craigslist via Deadspin]

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