2009 College Football Sideline Reporter Preview

Melanie Collins: hosting tailgating cooking show on Big Ten Network.

We’re now only 24 hours or so away from the D-I, or whatever you want to call it, college football season.

You’ve read the previews, lost sleep over meaningless polls, fretted over the recruiting class, but most likely haven’t been updated on which women will be roaming your sidelines.

In true Busted Coverage style, we think outside the box and bring you the “2009 College Football Sideline Reporter Preview.”

Melanie Collins – Big Ten Network: Ms. Collins became famous after BC announced the former bikini model would work for NBA TV. Now she dates a NHL check casher and travels the world. She’s a WAG and sideline reporter. Pretty much the total package.

2009 Assignment: Melanie will be hosting the Big Ten Cooking Show on Saturdays at 10 A.M. EST. “Collins and Chefs Ben and Julius will give fans a taste of the pre-game tailgating scene in the Big Ten,” according to a release.

Samantha Steele – Fox College Sports: Ms. Steele was once dubbed “The Next Erin Andrews” by Busted Coverage. We’re guessing she’d do without the nude hotel videos. Anyway, the rise of Steele from a Liberty College university reporter to a national sideline reporter is official.

2009 Assignment: She’ll be oggling Todd Reising at Kansas. You’ll be able to Tweet her and laugh the first time she’s caught eating a hoagie on a sideline. It’ll be a blast.

Erin Andrews – ESPN: Rising star. Recently shot special with Oprah. Maybe you’ve heard of her.

2009 Assignment: Keep bodyguards around her at all times and make sure to bring electrical tape with her to hotel room.

Ashleigh Ignelzi – Columbus Wired TV: We’ve actually never heard of this chick but if you follow Ohio State football you’ll be seeing more of Ashleigh this fall. She is a blogger, Twitterer and football reporter.

2009 Assignment: Never heard of Columbus Wired TV? Same here. It seems they have a press pass, though. In other words they’ll throw Ms. Ignelzi into the locker room and tell her to look pretty.

Ashley Russell – Yahoo! & Rivals: Last year we scoured the Internet to discover that Ms. Russell was working for the Big Ten Network, which caused tidal waves through the Internet. If you want to keep up with Ms. Russell check out her Twitter account.

2009 Assignment: Unavailable. We’re efforting to figure out her schedule. If you know anything on this send word. [email protected]

Sammy Linebaugh – The Mtn. West Sports Network: Thought we’d throw in a sleeper from the Mountain West Conference since you’ll be seeing plenty of BYU and Utah. We don’t know much about Ms. Linebaugh but she’ll be prowling tomorrow night’s Utah State vs. Utah tilt. Friend her at Facebook.

2009 Assignment: Avoid the advancements of Mormon men and degenerates from UNLV.

Amanda Joseph – University of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawk Radio Network: We’ve saved the best for last. Ms. Joseph went from 2007 Ms. Louisiana to a sideline gig. We see stardom in her future.

2009 Assignment: Try to stay awake during ULM games. Ask coaches questions before/after halftime and give injury updates. In other words, look pretty and don’t say anything dumb.

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