Cuff ‘Em: Track Coach Arrested On First Day Of School For Summer Sexcapades

Oregon police allege Wendy Cannin spent her summer doing more than catching up on some gardening.

The Morrow County Sheriff’s office says this junior high track coach was also sexing up a couple of teen boys (15 and 17). Ironically the fuzz waited until yesterday, the first day of school, to slap the cuffs on Ms. Cannin.

From the local muckrakers:

Detective Karen Dike found the incidents began before the end of the last school year and continued through the middle of July. The incidents also reportedly happened on and off school property.

According to one local TV station, the principle heard allegations of Cannin doing the nasty with the boys. Now, how exactly does a principal catch wind of such news during the summer. Facebook? Letting in the old people has ruined that site.

[Female teacher charged with sexually abusing 2 teenage boys]

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