Denver Fan Debuts Jay Cutler Shirt, Proudly Wears Cuntler #6

Jay Cutler was back in town last night for Sunday Night National Preseason Football on NBC “Where We Treat The Game Like It’s For Real.”

And the Jay Cutler haters were out. Check. Oh, and don’t miss the Cutler #6 toilet bowl.

But this guy (at last night’s tilt) after the jump takes the cake for his shirt. The Cuntler.


Nothing says I Hate You like turning Cutler into Cuntler.

We understand Broncos fan’s pain. We suffered through David Klinger, except that guy didn’t cry about how great he was and demand a trade.

Shit, the Canadian league wouldn’t have traded for that guy.

Look, you have Orton. That should satisfy until drafting Sam Bradford next Spring. Hang in there, hate Jay Cutler and win 4 games. We have a little money on the Under 7 wins. Make it happen.

[They’re Not Saying “Boo!” They’re Saying “I Hope You Die In A House Fire, You Pansy”]

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