Daily Dump: Bears-Broncos Cutler Suck-Off-Fest, Brett Favre & Ladies, No Bikinis At Chicago AVP, Indy Grid Girls Not Cold, Uzbekistan Chick And Some New Krupa



Touch the toes trick works every time. Don’t miss Nadine vs. Nadine!

It was one of those weekends. One of the parents stopped into BC HQ for a visit. We were totally pissed at DreamHost’s suck-ass hosting service so BC took a three-day weekend to prepare our livers for Thursday night’s festivities.

Then we saw that the Boise-Oregon game doesn’t start until 10:15 PM! You mean us East Coast football fans have to stay up past Letterman to catch the end of a game? Bullshit.

In other news, there is a big f@cking Verizon ad at the top of the page today. Advertisers such as LG keep this operation humming along. Don’t be afraid to give them some love.





Today’s Dump:

…we get Monday rolling with more of Kelly Brook because we like women [CelebSlam]

Most brilliant f@cking poster ever seen at Bears-Broncos last night [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Brilliant #2 – Brett Favre back in day with chicks drinking old cans of Miller [Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]

Bloggers attend Chicago AVP, devastated by 60-degree temps – no bikinis! [InGameNow]

Indy Grid Girls not fazed by temps [Friends of the Program]

The latest blogger to bukkake the publishing world: Christmas Ape from KSK [StylePoints]

Advice: Dating My Ex-Girlfriend’s Best Friend [Gunaxin]

25 Baby Photos You’ll Enjoy Over A Cup Of Coffee This Monday Morning [Manofest]

Staying on subject:  California Little League 12-year-olds take home LLWS banner [Rumors & Rants]

The hottest chick to come out of Uzbekistan is a silver screen hit in U.S. [Phil Knows Best]

15 SFW Demotivational Boob Posters For The Car Repair Shop [Uncoached]

…and we close with 3 women who’d look better covered in chocolate and wrestling [on205th]

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