University Of Oregon Threatening Cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad Over Online Bikini Photos?



WTF happened to liberal Eugene, Oregon.

The rumblings out of the granola capital started last week when the long time cheerleading advisor and her daughter were suddenly booted from the University of Oregon squad.

Mother-daughter advisers Laraine Raish and Corine Lewis were let go early on a Monday morning.

And now we get an email from world famous University of Oregon senior cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad, whose bikini photos we introduced to the Internet in July, saying that her “cheerleading scholarship is in JEOPARDY.”


We had no idea a university could police a boat party via Internet photos that are harmless and show a 21-year-old senior to be enjoying life with friends.

It’s not like she’s going Michael Beasley.


Pflugrad writes to BC:

I am claimed to be getting loose on the booze cruise. I need this blog taken down immediately. My cheerleading scholarship is in JEOPARDY as well as future job opportunities. My coaches as well as other athletic department staff members have seen this site.

That would be the same athletic department that fired the cheerleading coach. What, is there a new Catholic priest in charge of this organization? Bikini photos with that person (legally of age) NOT drinking alcohol can jeopardize a scholarship?


Look, we could see issues if Amanda was doing keg stands with a Phil Knight Nike UO bikini on. Do we believe the administration might have said something to Pflugrad? Yep. Do we believe they would yank a scholarship for bikini photos? Nope. The shitstorm would be historic.

We’ve published hundreds of cheerleader bikini photos and not one has lost a scholarship.

Do we believe Ms. Pflugrad is covering her ass for future employment? Yep.

Which brings us to the next phase of our story.

Why do college students (pick a sport and cheerleaders) feel necessary to post photos to social networking sites that could someday jeopardize employment? Amanda has been featured on Sports Illustrated and even the LA Daily News Inside SoCal blog run by Scott Wolf.

We figured the photos posted on BC were innocent. It appears that was the wrong assumption. The blog post will come down.

[Cheerleading advisors unexpectedly let go]

[Google cache of Pflugrad bikini pics]


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