The Afternoon Dump: OSU Fans Want Navy, LLWS Temper Tantrums, 22 DUI’s Isn’t Anything, Harry Potter in Japan, Hotness of Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis Is Hot, And Hawaii Loving Carolien



Girls like to take pictures of each other in provocative poses?

A long day for me today. 830 Class/Gym/1130-130 Class/330 Class/Library. Should be able to sleep tonight.

My first lab of the year got canceled. Oh darn, now I am sad.

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Have a good day

Afternoon Dump

Ohio State Fans want to cheer for Navy [Midwest Sports Fans]
Temper tantrum in Little League [Sports Crackle Pop]
Sweet Sassy Molassey, that aint right [Sportress of Blogitude]
Lights out ACC? [The Sporting Blog]
22 DUI offenses and not slowing down [Tasty Booze]
7 people that will be in English 101 [Holy Taco]
Harry Potter in Japan [Uncoached]
Hotties in the wild [DoubleViking]
Experience the hotness of Zoe Saldana [MoonDog Sports]
The deadliest catch: Womens edition [Head of Fred]
Mila Kunis is still hot, STILL [on 205th]
Carolien Van Dijk is a hot girl in Hawaii [Buge Hoobs]

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