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Video: Texas A&M Football Talent Show Is Quite Gay, Includes Inflatable Balls

We’re pretty sure Big 12 fans will be using this against Texas A&M football players every week of this season and into the foreseeable future.

Welcome to very gay synchronized plastic toy ball dancing which ironically was sent to us by our friend and famous blogger Will Brinson.

You have no idea what’s waiting for you after the jump. It’s college football gay-tastic!

Posted: August 25, 2009

Premise of Video: Texas A&M Rookie Talent show #19 Winston Gamso & #43 Aaron Arterburn vs. #26 Ken Wood & #79 Wells Childress

Climax of Video: Uaahhhaahhh….excuse us…..starting at the 2:07 mark you will see how gay things can get at A&M.

Conclusion: Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin are totally impressed by this performance.

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