Nightcapper: Barking Dogs At Fantasy Football Draft Belonged To Guy Who Got Shot



Stewart: doesn’t like barking dogs at fantasy football draft interrupting his peace.

Excuse the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for getting the fantasy football draft shooting story wrong. The rewrite person totally screwed up the story and we end up getting the hate mail.

Original story:

“Police said Stewart’s neighbor was having a fantasy football party, which was disturbed by the barking of Stewart’s dog. The neighbor came over to the backyard fence to complain.”

The change:

“Police said Stewart’s neighbor was having a fantasy football party, and the neighbor’s dog was barking.”

From an email we received from a friend (Mark) of the guy who got shot:

As the key witness to this whole situation, you have this whole story wrong & backwards.  Please get it right. I have no comment or will share any details on the night.

Um, you better start shit with the local paper, bub. They got it wrong. We’re bloggers which means we grab pieces of stories and react. And, frankly, BC never asked you to comment or share details. Something tells us you want to talk.

Chat us up, Mark. We’re all ears.


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