Cuff ‘Em: Defense Attorney Tries To Save Football Coach By Calling Prostitutes Whores, Tramps


090824221549_tgravley_d0908242o67f3It was quite the closing argument yesterday in Charleston, West Virginia from defense attorney Ed ReBrook.

His client, Thomas Gravely, a former midget (young children, you fool) football coach , was on trial for raping prostitutes.

“Wait, just a minute,” ReBrook argued. “How can you rape a woman who wants it,” was the defense.

The insane closing argument after jump.

“You cannot rape the willing,” ReBrook said. “They got in those automobiles with the intention of having sex for money.

“I would be horrified if any of the women in my life were raped, but I’m talking about decent, honorable women,” ReBrook said, and then dramatically raised his voice. “Not whores who have sex with many, many men for money.”

That was just the start for Ed. He was getting warmed up.

“They are whores,” ReBrook persisted. “That is a perfectly usable word in the English language.

“Finding this man guilty of rape lessens the dignity of every other woman,” ReBrook said. “What they have done is turn sex into something disgusting.

“They are not like your wife, your girlfriend or your daughter,” he said. “They are street tramps. And what happened to them was, at least in part, their fault.

ReBrook went onto say that his client would be a three-time loser if stupidity was a crime.

Look, technically, Ed is right. Those women are whores and tramps. But…..his client held knives to their throats as he raped them. We’re guessing the whores weren’t down with such sex.

Gravely was found guilty last night.

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