Grainy Video Of USC Song Girls 2009 Tahoe Soaking Finally Found


Busted Coverage is hearing via our West Coast sources that there is a mini-media embargo when it comes to all things Song Girls.

Word on the street is that the ladies have been warned to make their Facebook accounts as secure as Ft. Knox.

And then the usually erotic Tahoe band trip has been pretty much silent until we dug up a grainy video of this year’s affair.

It pretty much sucks but if you are needing a fix, we have it.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]

If spalshing the drum player is your thing, stick with this one until the 1:30 mark.

Otherwise, you can see the latest pics with a giant copyright across them.

[College ‘08: USC Song Girls Soaked In Tahoe]

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