Daily Dump: Marisa Miller’s Body Lotion, Sexiest SI Cheerleaders, Jills Do Maxim, Fans Of Mexican Wrestling, Great Talk Show Fights, Super Hornio Bros. And Miss Brazil 2009


Katie Cassidy. Those legs. Yes.

Michael Beasley is being treated for depression?

Perfect solution: give that guy some weed.

We caught very little of Mark Sanchez last night in Baltimore. Mostly it was the ESPN crew fawning over Matt Birk. Yeah, the Tirico gang is off to a strong start.




Today’s Dump:

….we get today started with Marisa Miller promoting her body lotion [Don Chavez]

Top 20 Sexiest SI Cheerleaders Of The Week [Coed]

Yet another all-time great Minnesota Vikings shirt to honor Favre’s NFL return [NFL Juice]

Insane List! Top Players Wearing 0-99 In Sports (Jordan Gross # 69!) [Rumors and Rants]

Buffalo Jills sit down with Maxim, get into swimsuits [Maxim]

Bolivian soccer match gets out of control with a flying Bolivian head kick! [DirtyTackle]

Awesome! The Fans of Mexican Wrestling [TV Tan Line]

10 All-Time Greatest Talk Show Fights [Manofest]

Photos to help you waste company time and enjoy it [The Chive]

How Ghetto Is Your City. A Formula. [Holy Taco]

One of Ron Jeremy’s greatest works: Super Hornio Bros. [Wii Hotties]

Today’s Tail:

Lesbian Fantasies: Chance encounter between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift [CelebSlam]

The Lettuce Bikini. [Uncoached]

The hottest women you’ll see all day and stand no chance with [Double Viking]

Luciana’s dreams came true, named Miss Brazil 2009 [on205th]

Mandy is the hottest thing in Germany right now, second is beer and third is sex [DJ Mick]

You need to look at Kayla Collins because a doctor busted his ass to make those boobs look awesome [Flisted]

Kevin the Intern swears one of these chicks said yes to him over the weekend [Funtasticus]

…and we close today with the always entertaining Japanese Swimsuit Games! [Papilog]

The Afternoon Dump: Tony Dungy And Michael Vick, Favre’s Goat Story, Super Bowl Odds, Ghetto Odds, 12 Dumb Athletes, How Hot Is Miss Universe, Miley Cyrus Is Growing Up, And One Hot Carpenter