Cuff ‘Em: Gunshots Fired At Fantasy Football Party, Barking Labs Are Blamed


Stewart. Not a fan of fantasy football draft meatheads.

Update: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram can’t get their shit together. The story changes. Fantasy football draft guy owned the dogs.

Have you ever heard of gunshots erupting because a barking dog was disrupting a fantasy football draft?

Now you have.

Welcome to Keller, Texas where one man (Ryan Froh) was trying to get through the second round (pick #26), while a neighbor and his dog were starting to cause problems.

People were boozing. Guns were drawn and ol’ fashioned fantasy football justice ensued.


The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram has the boozy details:

Police said Stewart’s neighbor was having a fantasy football party, which was disturbed by the barking of Stewart’s dog.

The neighbor came over to the backyard fence to complain.

“The two were at the fence when the suspect told the victim that he would fight him if he climbed over into his back yard,” Lt. Brenda Slovak said Monday. “The victim climbed over the fence.”

And got shot.

Yeah, that’ll teach Kent to keep his ass at the draft table and avoid a conflict over a barking dog.

Fantasy football friends to the rescue!

“One of the friends of the victim was at the back fence, saw what happened and jumped over to help his friend,” Slovak said. “But he jumped back over when the suspect threatened him.”

CBS11 reports the dogs causing problems were a couple of labs that are usually docile but picked draft night to raise hell.

Look, this is probably going to be the biggest thing to ever happen to this fantasy football league. An Adrian Peterson 4-for-1 swap cannot compare.

Our only question: what round did Favre go?
[Keller man who was shot by neighbor climbed fence to fight, police say]
[Fight Between Neighbors In Keller Leads To Gunfire]

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