Minor League Baseball Games Now Being Infiltrated By H.S. Cheerleading Squads!


Look, America, enough with the between innings shenanigans sweeping across the minor league baseball parks of this great country.

Leave your dump dropping retrievers back at the brick ranch, and for God’s sake, why are there teenage girls shaking it in front of an infield composed of Spanish speaking minor leaguers.

To these guys 15 doesn’t mean a damn thing. Next thing you’ll know darling Amanda will be getting text messages from .226 slap hitting second baseman Jose Martinez.


Nothing gets the Sacramento River Cats on the dugout rail like high school cheerleaders.

We happened upon these pics while looking for news on Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, because he is still in our RSS feed.

KJ was there this weekend as the River Cats took on the Portland Beavers Friday night.

But the news that slapped us in the face was that the Del Campo High School cheerleaders were building pyramids and shaking it right there in front of the dugout.

Have we not made it far enough down the between innings entertainment list when Jessi and Candace are trampling Kentucky bluegrass as they break it down to some Ting Tings?

Spare us, Sacramento.

**$20 says someone in that dugout played the “Where are the keys to the batter’s box?” trick on one of those boys.

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