Cuff ‘Em: U. Of Tenn.-Chattanooga Sorority Cheerleader Beatdown Case Continues


Sierra Smith is a fan of knees to stomach to toughen up her sisters, police allege.

Look, we’re proponents for a little all-in-fun hazing at university sororities and frats.

But when it turns to kneeing chicks so hard in the stomach that they start to pee blood, not cool. Take the case of Jasmine Johnson at the University of Tenn.-Chattanooga.

She was a cheerleader just looking to join a sorority to add to her social resume. Then came the hazing.

And now the testimony in the assault case of Delta Theta Sigma sister Sierra Smith.

“I was just shocked at the moment and of course I was in pain and at that point I saw her lift up her leg and I closed my eyes because I knew what she was gonna do […] When she kneed me in my stomach, blood was just gushing out of my private area,” said Johnson.

Look, all this did was create a mess. For the sorority house and with the judicial system.

Let’s find Ms. Smith guilty, kick her out of school and move on.

Oh, and would a school just come out with a guide to acceptable hazing for these morons to use in order to stay out of jail.

May we suggest “Hazing For Dummies: 101 Ways To Dick With Your Sorority Sister, Frat Brother.”

Pictures. We’ll need lots or pictures. Not many words. That just muddies the mental water.
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