Busted Coverage Phoenix Suns Dancer Endorsements: ASU Sophomores Amira & Devon


Devon (left) and one of her small mouth bass face-making friends.

As men we now feel empowered by the latest craze sweeping the cheerleading and hot chick world.

Men can now vote for who they want to become 2009-2010 Phoenix Suns dancers. Democracy as it was envisioned.

So of course we sent Busted Coverage Special Assignment I-Team Investigator Art McGregor on a hunt for a couple of candidates worthy of our hanging chads.

The results: Amira and Devon. Arizona State sophomores. Friends.


Devon (center) campaigns by holding a wine cooler pool summit with potential voters.

From Art’s bikini strewn desk:

Amira spent time as a cheerleader at Arizona State last year. I guess in cheerleading the rule is more like the NBA’s, where you can do just one year in college before heading into the pros. She also competed in the Undie Run. I don’t think there’s an age limit there.

Devon’s just cute as a button. I don’t even know why I say that. I’ve never had a physical reaction to a button.

Only two months until every baller in “The Association,” during time outs and in between free throws, is asking these ladies what they’re up to after the game.

That’s why we hired the guy. He’s the Steve Phillips of the cheerleading scene. The Mel Kiper of college talent.

Would it be very smart for these two to make the team? Probably not. The grades are going to suffer. Post-game parties will take their toll. There Twitter accounts will be overrun by Kevin Love, Mark Madsen and Troy Murphy.

But let’s make it happen, America. Something tells us these ladies will reward us with bikini and booze fueled party photos.

[Vote For Phoenix Suns Dancers!]