Cuff 'Em: Your Latest Art Teacher To Give Oral Sex Lesson


Sometimes that fantasy of getting blown by your female art teacher isn’t as sexy as it seems.

Especially when she looks like Melanie Fonseca.


We take Cuff ‘Em to…you guessed it….Florida where Ms. Fonseca is accused of oral sex on a 14-year-old boy who was a student at the Boys and Girls club where the 32-year-old was an art teacher.

From the Osceola Gazette:

About the middle of July, they began a “romantic” relationship, the teenager said, and on three separate times, they kissed in the closet of Fonseca’s art classroom.

On Aug. 7, the boy was at the basketball court at the Dorado Apartments with his four cousins. While they were playing ball, he walked around the complex and met Fonseca. In the laundry room of the complex, the teenager put his hand down Fonseca’s pants and she then performed oral sex on him.

Spin cycle?

After this laundry room BJ there were plans to seal the sex deal in the same laundry room.

The teenager’s mother told police that she noticed on Aug. 13 that her son was “not acting as he normally acts” and began to look though his e-mails and text messages, the police report stated. She found a message from one of his friends telling him not to have sex. Then she found dialogue between her son and Fonseca.

This mom is such a savior. Something bad could have happened and the boy would always have to live with the fact that he was with that Slump Buster.

It’s bad enough thinking that face was anywhere near a penis. Just wrong. Very wrong.

[Art teacher arrested for oral sex on 14-year-old student]