Bikini Chick Hillary Fisher Wins Miss Sunset Tan Title, Is Pastry Chef On Side


Do we have words that’ll do Hillary Fisher justice?

Yeah, awesome.

Ms. Fisher still has a body capable of winning bikini contests, hang with Snoop Dogg, have a child and a husband.

Yes, we could do without the husband news, but as BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor points out, “This chick is smoking hot.”

She could always leave the husband for some lazy blogger or equally lazy readers who are suffering through this mini-Depression without employment.

Full collection of photos after the jump to show you Hillary’s skills.


Art really wanted BC readers to know that Ms. Fisher will be the 2009 Miss Sunset Tan.

Robin Leach (yes, that one) has the news from the late July contest.

Hillary is a specialty cake baker who runs her catering service from home. Now she will move her business to Las Vegas as she takes on the role of official spokesmodel for Sunset Tan, which has a tanning salon here at the Palms Place.

A cake baker with that body.

Wonder if she needs a guy to make up some batter? ZING!!!!

You’ll also be able to see this late 20-something on the upcoming season 3 of Sunset Tan on E!  Yes, America continues to prove that making good TV was so 1985.

Of course we’ll be watching.

[Hillary Fisher – Model Mayhem]

[Pastry chef wins Miss Sunset Tan at Palms – Examiner]




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