Stuart Scott, Mr. Belding Spend Weekend Impressing Hooters Girls At Jimmy V Golf Classic


Little to the right…..right…..right…..there…..

*If you were at Lucky B’s in Raleigh this past weekend and have video or images of Stuart Scott and Mr. Belding singing karaoke tunes, contact us.

Yes, this past weekend was the Jimmy V Golf Classic which meant Mr. Belding had to take a break from his “Belding Boozes And Bangs Ladies Across America” tour.

And Stuart Scott was there. Like he’d miss the fun, especially after last year’s Edwin McCain karaoke performance.


We’re not even going to waste our morning efforting scores from this year’s tourney. All you need to know is that the Hooters girls were there to keep the men interested in being there.

And it seems that at about every hole there was a contingent of chicken wing waitresses waiting for celebrities with open arms.

Before you ask, no, Roy Williams wasn’t there. No boob signings for the UNC coach this year.


Pedro Cerano shocks the Hooters Girl by asking, “you want to wipe off my balls.”



And that would be Sidney Lowe with the pink shorts.