From The Couch: $25 Million & His Hat Is Still Covered In Mississippi Cow Sh!t


Back for one more chance to have a Y.A. Tittle moment.

We understand the “this hat is perfectly broken in so why get rid of it now” theory, but shit man, it looks like you just walked in the house from mowing 2.45 acres and wrestling with a few pigs that’ll eventually make a great BLT sandwich.

If Marlboro was still allowed to exist they could have gotten rid of cowboy guy and smacked Favre’s non-shaving ass on every billboard this side of the Rockies.

Anyway, our sources at Fox-Twin Cities tell us that Brett will most likely get himself a condo in Edina or a house in Eden Prairie. According to the insider those are wealthy ‘burbs so Favre will really have to look for one with access to sloppy fields and fences that need built.

Oh, and before we forget, Fox 9 has been tracking every Brett move. The latest? Favre Walks In Wildfire After Signing

It’s a restaurant, people. The hat will be fine.

[Brett Favre a Viking, Has Dirty Hat – TV Tan Line]