Erika David Fails "God Bless America" At Dodgers-Cardinals Game

erika-david-god-bless-americaAt least she remembered the “God Bless America” part of the song.

Poor Erika David. She probably rehearsed this legendary baseball tune in front of the mirror and promptly went into full choke mode last night as Albert Pujols was staring at her.

A few mumbles later and Dodgers fan dropped a chorus of boos.

Video after the jump.

Posted: August 18, 2009

Premise of Video: Proud Americans and quite a few illegal immigrants stand to honor this great country with a song that became famous thanks to the Yankees. Erika David, an up and coming (we hear) pop singer takes the field and is off her game 30-seconds in.

Climax of Video: When it ended. The rest is priceless.

Conclusion: Her career is in shambles. Time for a sex tape.

*Bonus stupid commentary*

And to think of how proud Erika was to have this moment to shine. The last entry in her Twitter account was for everyone to watch her last night.