(1 Year) The Afternoon Dump: Biggest Attention Whores, Brett Favre In Trouble, Flu Concerns, Disappearing Russian Cargo Ship, Stingrays, and Kimmi Jean Doesn’t Like Jeans



Rayanne knows how to wear a sheet pretty damn good.

I have done it. I have been on BC for one year. Check out my first assignment on Howie Long. Just remember, if you want something, keep trying for it. For me, I wanted to be on BC so I tried and now look at me, one year later and I am still here.

Send in your links.

Have a good day.

p.s. This is a shorter AD because I feel like crap today. Oh and my computer broke, have to love when motherboards give out.

Afternoon Dump
Ten biggest attention whores in sports [The World of Isaac]
Nick Barnett wants to hit Brett Favre [NESW Sports]
Flu concerns cancel Ole Miss fan day [Friends Of The Program]
The new nickname for Brett Favre, Mr. Pump Fake [Sports Crackle Pop]
True thoughts on the disappearing Russian cargo ship [Holy Taco]
This is a way to keep people out of the pool [Tasty Booze]
We all love Larry Bird [uncoached]
Hello Penelope Cruz [Celebslam]
Kimmi Jean is an attractive woman [Buge Hoobs]

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