Traitors!! Baltimore Ravens Male Cheerleaders Get View Of Redskins Cheerleader Undercarriage



Roger Goodell must put a stop to these Benedict Arnold’s & all male NFL cheerleaders.

First off, yes, the Baltimore Ravens have male cheerleaders.

Busted Coverage Freelance Photo Editor Big Gay Rich sent over this picture late last night. He must have been on some gay male cheerleader binge. Whatever. We benefit.

The following images come from a strip mall event Saturday at the Robert Andrew Mens Zone Salon & Spa where men can go to feel like a chick for a day.

Anyway, the owners figured they’d hire the Ravens and Redskins cheerleaders to get men off the couch and into the store. ($250 per Ravens cheerleader/hour!)

And then it happened. The Ravens’ men’s cheerleading team were caught helping the evil empire from D.C. Wait until Ravens fan gets a whiff of this crap. TRAITORS!


Oh, look, now we have Ravens female cheerleader actually touching Redskins pom-pon.

What the f@ck is wrong with Ravens cheerleaders? This is the enemy. Daniel Snyder prefers to put your asses out of business and steal that Super Bowl ring.

And what is Redskins chick thinking? The enemy could drop you and say, “whoops, looks like Chastity is out for the season.”

These cheerleaders think there is some sort of sorority when it comes to NFL cheerleaders.


This is war.

One team will be left standing. One team will be left with cheerleaders bawling in Miami at Super Bowl XLIV (unless your NFL team doesn’t have cheerleaders).

If Chastity wants to be lifted 7-feet into the air she should find a forklift.

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