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The Afternoon Dump: No World Series of Poker, All About Tim Tebow, Michael Vick’s Comic, Unique Speed Trap, Michael Jackson To Be Buried, Olivia Wilde Talks Dirty And Boob To Waist Ratio

This chick has a interesting name…Sunisa.

Ever done a power hour? I recommend you do. They are fun.

So many chicks on campus, believe it or not. Purdue does have hot women. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Can’t watch the world series of poker on ESPN until 2017 [Sportress of Blogitude]
Movin’ on up: Aubrey Huff [Josh Q. Public]
It’s all about Tim Tebow now [Sports Crackle Pop]
Doug Marrone, master of puppets [The Sporting Blog]
It’s worse than you thought [Rumors and Rants]
If Michael Vick had a comic [Holy Taco]
Not your average speed trap [Tasty Booze]
This guy is a totally a tool [Uncoached]
Michael Jackson finally to be buried [Celebslam]
Olivia Wilde likes to talk dirty [MoonDog Sports]
The women of 2009 Manhattan Beach six-man volleyball tourney [The Chive]
Yes! More Emily Scott… [on 205th]
Impossible boob to waist ratios [Buge Hoobs]

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