Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings Team Web Page Parked For Today’s Arrival & Signing


UPDATE!!!! This shit is happening, according to Minneapolis TV.

WCCO-TV spoke with an official at the Hattiesburg, Miss., airport, who saw an airplane with the Vikings logo leave the airport Tuesday morning. The flight number for that plane has been blocked from tracking systems.

Get that Web page updated, boys.


Have at it conspiracy theorists.

Favre flight plans say he should arrive on August 27. Brett Favre has a condo rented in suburban St. Paul.

Favre’s wife has a tanning appointment in Minneapolis on Sept. 22.

The Favre family is preparing to say goodbye to daddy. Brett’s shoulder has never felt better. Tarvaris Jackson isn’t scared, according to a report from today’s Star-Tribune. Yeah, right.

Oh, and have you seen the Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings official team page ready to go? Yep, just imagine his face, accomplishments with the Packers and Jets right there for the world to see in Vikings purple.


Yeah, and Jesus Christ has a page.

Tom Brady.

O.J. Simpson, too.

Looks like the Vikings 404 default isn’t working too well.

[Brett Favre – Minnesota Vikings]

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