Insulting Honor? Meghan Sanchez Is 3rd Team Lingerie Football League Offensive Lineman



This is a question for our female readers:  Is it more insulting to be a preseason 1st team All-Lingerie Football League 1st team or 3rd team offensive lineman?

The LFL recently released its preseason all-league accolades (because men care about these things) and didn’t leave out possibly the biggest insult in sports.

As if not being good enough in LFL to secure a skill position, Meghan Sanchez now has to deal with being snubbed all the way down to 3rd team all-league offensive lineman.

It’s enough to ruin most women.


But from the look of things Meghan is taking this in stride. Her MySpace page still features the LFL logo in the background, showing her loyalty to the company.

We’re not going to lie. There isn’t much more we’re looking forward to this fall than Ms. Sanchez ramming chests with some defensive lineman from the Chicago Bliss.

Like Summer La Violette, 1st team all league d-lineman.

It should be a legendary struggle. We’re waiting.

[Meghan Sanchez – Model Mayhem]







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