Daily Dump: Sophie Monk Opens Dumpster, Aussie Ruler Gets Victorinoed, Charger Girls In Action, No Beer At Minny Games, Matt Keough Busted-Again And SFW Heidi Montag Playboy Pics



A new blog genre: Hot Chicks Opening Dumpsters?

Did we see the first signs of Tiger’s career coming to an end? Can Tiger ever win again? What will this do to Tiger’s psyche: will he overcome actual defeat? Is Y.E. Yang the next coming of Tiger? Tiger: fading into history?

ESPN, ESPNews, ESPN2, Mike and Mike, The Herd, VanPelt, etc. will tackle this all day today. Be prepared.

Oh, and they’ll throw a little Vick 60 Minutes in just to break it up every 45 minutes or so.



Today’s Dump:

Aussie Rules Footballer gets Victorinoed by a woman with a cup of suds [Sports Rubbish]

Only reason to make Chargers pre-season game – Charger Girls [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Proof newspapers can survive… via galleries of MMA ring card girls [OC Register]

Minny football tix sales suffering…no stall sex & no beer sales at new stadium [BlitzCorner]

Real Housewives of OC husband & former MLBer Matt Keough busted for booze – again [TMZ]

It happened Friday night – Shaq vs. Conan dance off [NESW Sports]

The SFW Heidi Montag Playboy pics that your boss will love [MoonDog]

Staying on topic – 50 Sexiest Celebrity Bikini Photos [Manofest]

This is what 19 and being from Seattle looks like these days [Coed]

Monica Cruz might be nearly as hot as her sister Penelope [Uncoached]

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