Gina Carano Takes Off Clothes, Lesbians Go Nuts At Weigh-In

Friend of Busted Coverage, Steve Cofield at Yahoo!’s Cagewriter, was on hand yesterday for the Carano-Cyborg weigh-in and sends word that both ladies made weight.

Closer eye candy after the jump.

Gina celebrates making weight

Oh, and he shot the above video where lesbians (our guess) are going nuts as Carano pulls off the skirt and steps to the scale.

148, boys.

That’s what she’s weighing in at. So….if your lady is a little chunky and you keep telling her to back away from the Panera scones, just keep thinking “Oh, Gina is 148, just like my chubby wife/girlfriend.”

A few photos of the ladies before their faces get ugly.

In Cyborg’s case, it can’t get much worse.

……running for our lives.

[No weight issues for Carano and Cyborg, big fight is a go – CageWriter]

Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg