AVP's Team Gorgeous Now Naked For Playboy! And The Pics Are Free!!

stonebarger-more-playboy-smallImagine our surprise when we cruised in this morning to check up on the AVP’s Team Gorgeous (Michelle More and Suzanne Stonebarger).

BC kept clicking on their Playboy page and never saw any action until today.

And it’s partial frontal action with plenty of nip – and water.


Now, being the good Internet partners that we are, you are only seeing one image from the nude collection and it has been made SFW.

You have to go to the team’s Playboy page and enter an email address. Make up one, if you like. It didn’t matter for us.

And then the tops come off. Isn’t America and Hef the greatest.

Kudos to the ladies for letting ’em breath.

[AVP Team Gorgeous Nude Photos – Playboy]