The Afternoon Dump: Beltre Tears Testicle, Womens Boxing Will Be Boring, Tat of Golden Girls, Sexy German Model, on205th Wants Joanna Kruppa, Happy Birthday Mila Kunis and Ashlynn Brooke


Meka Mulan looks like a lot of fun.

It is the weekend where everyone moves back to Purdue. So what does that mean? It means tons of parties and people being stupid.

So as I enjoy this weekend make sure you do. But please don’t be dumb. Don’t make your friend drive out to pick you up because you got pulled over and no one is able to drive. Always, and I mean always, have a D.D.

Have a good weekend.

Oh and if you want to read about a complete tool, the tool that got Kardashian girl pregnant then click here.

Afternoon Dump

Beltre tore his testicle, guess that is what happens when.. [Gunaxin]
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Sexy German model Lena Gercke [DJ Mick]
on205th will never get Joanna Krupa [on 205th]
2 new Victoria Secret models [Sports Crackle Pop]
There are two hotties with birthdays today so I had to link to both of them:
Jeez Mila Kunis, you are gorgeous [MoonDog Sports]
Ashlynn Brooke is one of the hottest porn stars out there [MoonDog Sports]