Joe Beimel Superfan Troy Sexton Arrest Manifesto: "I Goofed Up Big Time"


Earlier today we told you about the guy who became famous last year as for his YouTube sensation “The Legend of Joe Beimel” video.

Troy Sexton has responded to our request for his side of the story. And open up he did! Big time.

The curse words, calling women “fucking bitches”, getting punched by one parent and how the West Virginia news media is sensationalizing his arrest. It’s a long response but so worth the read.

In Troy’s own words:

Well, I goofed up, big time. The gist of the story is true, but most of it is sensationalized and some stuff is flat out not true whatsoever.

My boys would get into modes where they wouldnt even try at all. They wouldnt run, participate, etc.

So, early in the practice, for the 1st time, I felt the need to go out on the field and take one of my kids aside. which i did. no big deal. I tried to encourage him to play hard, do what the coaches say, etc…,


by then the 2nd boy walked my way to use the porta potty, which was where me and the 1st boy were, away from everybody. he used the porta potty. came out. and he was reluctant to get back on the field like the 1st boy. they like beef jerkey. i reminded them we would get beef jerky after practice. just go out there and participate. they originally acted excited and after a few steps acted disinterested again. I upped the ante to ice cream which got them excited again, but it really didnt last. anyways, they eventually made there way onto the field.

But they still wouldnt participate. If it was their turn to tackle they wouldnt move. If it was their turn to run with the ball they just stood there and got tackled.

My disappointment in them wasnt the fact they didnt want to play, it was that they wouldnt even try. It was frustrating.

So, the same boy who went to use the porta potty had to use it again, about 30 minutes later.

He used it and wouldnt get on the field. I tried my best to encourage him to get back out there. I’d say this was a 5 minute thing. So the other boy on the field had the ball just stood there and got tackled hard. he started crying. wouldnt get up. the coach had to get him up away from the practice.

This was it for me. They were done. No more football if they wouldnt even try.

My disappointment turned to anger. This is where I goofed up. The boy I was talking with, I picked him up about a foot off the ground said something like “why wont you guys even try” and pushed him to the ground. This was away from everybody. I went over to the coach and basically said, should I even bother bringing them back tomorrow(with some cuss words, I was speaking low enough so no one could hear me.). He understood my frustration.

I play this game at home where I dangle the kids by their ankles as they hold on to a small childs mattress. Kind of like a bizarre version of bullriding. They hold on to the mattress as long as possible as I sway them by their ankles. They love it. So anyways, obviously not in a fun loving playful way, I went to pick up the boy from the field by his ankle to show how disappointed I was in him. Not a smart move at all. I had him up by the ankle and some woman started screaming….when she mentioned child protective services I yelled at her to mind her own fucking business. (I know the CPS horror stories and bringing up CPS was something I didnt want to hear.) Immediately a 2nd woman started screaming at me and she brought up how CPS was going to take my children and she was calling 911 and I was going to jail. By then the boy was on his feet. I took a step towards her pointed and called her a fucking bitch. Like I said, I dont like the idea of these people telling me CPS is going to take my kids.

So I called her a fucking bitch, her husband happens to be one of the coaches. I dont remember exactly what he said, but it has something to do with you dont talk to my wife that way. And as he’s saying that he comes charging at me. Other people ensue, including a good guy who was trying to diffuse the situation. Well, the one coach does get at me and whacks me on the side of the head. I don’t counter. I continue to walk away as the peacemaker is actually trying to keep that coach and another man away from me. I get to the 2nd boy. He walks with me to my car. I put their helmets in the trunk. People seem to be freaking out that I’m leaving. They actually let me leave, but in reality I’m not leaving. I drive to the area where my girls are practicing cheerleading. Me and the boys just stand and watch the girls cheerleading for about 7-10 minutes. Nobody in that area would have any idea to the incident that occurred.

So 7-10 minutes later a woman introduces herself as President of the League and wants me to talk with her away from the boys. I do. This woman starts raising her voice and finally says I’m not leaving here with my kids. I walk away and tell her its not her place to tell me where I take my kids. I told her she was a nut. And she was the one making the scene. Not me. So I had enough. I told the girls to grab their water bottles. It was time to go. They did and came towards me. So I had all 4 kids and as I turned around I noticed the cops had showed.

I was seperated from my kids and arrested. The boys are a bit more immature than their trip sister. So they dont quite understand what happened. But the girls do. They werent even a part of the incident and they are the ones “traumatized.”

I’ve watched the TV report and read the reports in the newspaper. I’m stunned. Literally numb at how this situation has been blown out of proportion. I acted extremely inappropriate and I should be punished accordingly. But the things I’ve watched and read are outrageous.

I never threw any kids over a fence. I never dragged a kid along a field with his head bobbing on the ground. And the pinching?? where did this come from.

and the biggest piece of nonsense is the bruises claim. The one boy cut his ankle at the beach jumping over a fence. This was the week of Jul 22-26. My wife told me about it. He had a bad cut and was beelding quite badly. My wife and mother in law were there when it happened.

That being said, other than that beach injury, there is not 1 single bump or bruise on my kids. Absolutely nothing. But the news acts likes there were bruises all over them. Ridiculous.

Like I said, I know I goofed up really, really bad. But the stuff I’ve heard and read is beyond ridiculous.

And no matter what you or anybody else thinks about me, my children are fortunate to have me for a Father and they are sure to lead fruitful lives.

And if youre a Dodger fan you should know that my stepson gets to experience things I wish I could at that age. We’ve flown to Vero Beach, Camelback Ranch, and Dodger Stadium. When we drive to see the Dodgers we stay at the team hotel. It’s always an awesome experience and he loves it. My wife told me the 1st words my stepson said to him when he found out about this incident was, “Does that mean I won”t be able to go to Pittsburgh?” I guess I’m just trying to make the point I’m not this evil child beating maniac the press is making me out to be.

It’s not every day that we get such a full, complete story from someone who had to post $20k bail to get out of jail.

Our next question to Troy: “So, did any rednecks get ahold of your ass in jail.”