Joe Beimel Superfan, 9-11 Truthers Enemy Troy In West Virginia Arrested For Beating His Kids!


Yeah, the subhead probably was a little over the top but those smelly Indian freelancers we hire out for investigations finally came through with an Internet classic that will effect two categories of Web connoisseurs.

Troy in West Virginia, Troy From West Virginia, Joe Beimel Superfan, 9-11 Truther Hater, Prank Caller, is A.K.A. Troy Sexton.

Sexton is the same father we told you about yesterday who last week was, allegedly, beating his kids at football practice. Police say the 36-year-old Beimel superfan carried one son across the football field by his ankles, causing the boy to bang his helmeted head on the ground.

When Joe Beimel Superfan reached a fence, he thew his son over it, according to police.

A witness yelled “You can’t do that to a child!”, to which Sexton allegedly replied, “Mind your own f—ing business!” Mick wrote in the complaint.

This isn’t Sexton’s first run-in with the police. He was arrested a couple years back for a fracas at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark where he was drunk and out of control. One thing led to another and he pushed a man down stairs. That incident got him notoriety in ESPN The Magazine. His Joe Beimel videos have been featured on Hot Clicks and on several baseball blogs.

But it is Sexton’s war with 9-11 Truthers that has given him his most fame due to his harrassment of family members who lost loved ones.

In this video he even repeatedly calls an older gentleman “a piece of trash” and asks the guy to put a bullet in his head.


And one more classic radio fight he has with another radio show.
Troy from west virginia on The Crotch Shot Radio Show – Watch more Funny Videos

This brings us back to last week’s incident with his kids.

When (police) arrived Sexton was standing with his four children and told police “he didn’t see why everyone was making such a big deal about it,” according to the complaint.

Police also see visible bruises on Sexton’s son’s leg, the complaint states.

Let’s see…you throw your kid by the ankles and there is bruising? No issues. Oh, the 9-11 people are going to go nuts over this news.

We’re still efforting an interview with Troy from West Virginia. He’s out on bail and we’re very interested if he is home with the kids.

[Man arrested for holding son upside down by ankle]

[TroyFromWestVirginia – YouTube Channel]

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