Playboy Mom Beth Fithen & Hubby File Lawsuit Against Police Force, Sends BC Notice Of Stalker

Some of you might wonder why a story on naked soccer mom Beth Fithen from way back in 2008 is on the Hot Today list.

It’s because her husband has filed a lawsuit against his employer – the Gahanna, Ohio police force – because he was constantly harrassed about Beth being naked in Playboy. The suit seeks $3.5 million.

The sensational story was picked up by the British tabloids and the rest is history.

But this is where things get interesting because Beth contacted us back in May about taking down the images her and Ron Fithen had sent us – personally.

The reason, according to Beth? A stalker.

Um, yeah, looks like they were preparing for the lawsuit a few months in advance.

We received the following message from Beth Fithen on May 26.

Hey guys,
Almost 2 years ago now I made a horrible decision to pose for playboy.  I fear for my safety now and the safety of my family.  I have a stalker and am in a very bad situation.  Im begging you to please take down your articles on me, please.  I need to protect my family.  Please help me.  Im doing everything I can to remove myself from google sites making hits on my name, I am begging you, I am in serious danger and have four little kids to worry about.

Then this later on May 26.

I highly regret my decision and was a completely naive small town girl who had no clue the consequences this could bring.  Ive emailed every site I could and contacted playboy to see if they can help me as well, with all the sites out there that have grabbed my name and pics.   The less  fuel for the fire the better.  I also see on your site where people have added nasty comments to the article you posted.  As you can certainly understand that is a huge bother to me, humiliating.

Strangely, the lawsuit, from reports we’ve seen, doesn’t mention anything about a stalker.

Look, ladies, we understand that sometimes decisions are made that don’t turn out correctly. But this is the Internet.

The Wild West.

Digital images just don’t disappear.

While we like the Fithen’s, all this seems really strange. They go from having a stalker in May to a lawsuit in August against the husband’s employer.

BC isn’t totally sure what’s going on here but it seems like everyone needs to chill out, forget Playboy ever happened and go back to life as it was before a soccer mom dropped her dress.

[U.S. police officer sues his force  after colleagues ‘harassed’ him when his wife posed for Playboy]

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Beth (left) at the Playboy mansion back in the day
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