College Football ’09 Countdown: Amanda Is America’s Hottest Community College Student


We are getting very close to the start of the college football season so BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor stepped up his game.

This week he went deep into the heart of America’s college scene – community colleges.

It’s home to some of the dumbest college students you’ll ever find (just ahead of state college branch campuses). But….that is where some of the hottest chicks go to school because they have to keep parents happy while they rack up coin stripping on the side.

Enter Amanda. Boys, you are in for a treat thanks to the work of Mr. McGregor.

Art’s report as if he was on the hunt for a flame throwing left hander in Montana:

Of course she has a tongue ring.

Amanda will be attending an unknown community college in northeast Ohio this autumn.

Other than still being able to hook up with some decent(ish) 21-year-olds, I don’t impress myself all that much. You know, I’ve found some really hot chicks during my tenure at Busted Coverage but this one might take the cake. I have sent other the mother load.

Who is this girl? How is she not in porn? Why are we the first Web site to feature her?  She’s 5-11 and smoking hot. She’s got no problem with flaunting either of these facts.

Over and under on how much longer until this 18-year-old moves out to L.A. or Vegas? 6.5 months?

Amanda celebrates her 19th birthday tomorrow.

And her hobbies:

I dance like a stripper, curse like a sailor, and dress like a slut :) hahaha

We know Amanda’s community college but aren’t revealing it right now to protect her from becoming inundated with Facebook requests and gawking male students. Until a hotter chick steps forward, Amanda is  “America’s Hottest Community College Student.”

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I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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