Bust-A-Nut In ‘Em: Rick Pitino Knocked Up Karen Sypher, Paid For Abortion!



ARRRGGGHHHH…..Rick is dropping loads!!!!!

….and you thought your life was f@cked up.

Now when Rick Pitino says he relate to his young players and recruits who knock up women and then have to drop coin for the abortion, he means it.

Rick knows what it’s like to have a piece of ass on the side that he wishes never happened, according to reports out of Kentucky.


The Louisville coach says he and the wacko Karen Sypher had a one nighter after a night of drinking way back in 2003. One thing led to another and he was banging this MILF (?) after leaving a bar.

Pitino said Sypher left the restaurant and returned at about closing time. He said that after the restaurant closed and the last employees and owner Tim Coury had left, Sypher “started coming on to him and that they had sex,” according to Abbott’s report.

And how about some details?

Pitino told Abbott that he had had too much alcohol to drive and eventually got a ride home from Sypher, whom he said was “driving him crazy” on the way there, asking for basketball tickets. He said he gave her his business card and told her to call about them.

We knew it. She’s a crazy chick but the beer goggles do this to normal men. You think the chick will be a great one nighter only to figure out that being in her presence was a huge mistake.

He said she told him she was going to have an abortion but didn’t have health insurance. He said he asked how much it would cost and she said $3,000.

This might be the biggest piece of info to show recruits that Rick cares. He even knows how much it will cost to get rid of that future child support payment.

[Pitino told police he had consensual sex with Sypher]

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