Cuff ‘Em: 69 News Says Naked Streaker Arrested For Running Through Airport



It’s been awhile since world famous 69 News (Allentown, Pa.) made an apearance on Busted Coverage.

But that all changes this morning when the good folks dropped a story (and file footage video) about some guy running through Lehigh Valley Airport’s baggage claim buck naked and wearing sun glasses.

Carlos Munoz, Jr. was taken into custody. He’s facing charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. Officials don’t know why Munoz decided to run around the airport in his birthday suit.

A guess: after a long flight he was in the john getting blown, the blower robbed him, made Carlos get naked and threatened to kill him. Junior kicked the guy in the nuts, the gun went flying and so did Munoz.

Just a guess.

*By the way, anyone who knows how to score a 69 News hat or shirt, we’d like to talk.

[Man Arrested For Running Naked Through Airport – 69 News]

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