Redskins Open Training Camp, Fans Bring F@CK Dallas Shirt For Autographs

Redskins Training Camp, Fans Bring F@CK Dallas Shirt For Autographs*….bringing you NFL news not covered by NFL.com, ESPN or ProFootballTalk.com (since NBC got involved).

It’s good to see Redskins fan and the Cowboys haven’t gotten soft over the offseason.

We all know each side would eat the others children. ‘Skins fan dreams of Romo actually being a closet flamer, while Cowboys fan knows Clinton Portis has a reason for being in drag.

It’s all childish, really. And fun.


Looks like a copyright violation to us.

Looks like plenty of Redskins’ players had no issue ‘graphing this gem of a shirt.

This rivalry just keeps giving year after year. Fans fighting. Fans fighting fans who support the same team. Etc.

Who can forget FedEx field, or whatever it’s called these days, back in 2007 when Cowboys fan showed up and had a little fist fight amongst friends – over a seat.

So, here is to another fine season of kick each others ass, spending money on “F@ck Dallas” shirts, making these “UWANA” jerseys, etc.

We applaud you, Redskins fan.


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