UFC Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks' Boobs Appear Ready For MMA Debut



July (left). Natasha Wicks this week (right).

Dana White knows exactly how to impress Philadelphians in the mood for blood, boobs and beer.

In the boob department he went out and made the decision to drop ultra-popular boob-barian Edith Labelle just days before the UFC opens up a can of whoop ass in Philly. One MMA site says Labelle was hungover this week and got the boot for it.

In enters new chick Natasha Wicks, a winner in July of a Ocatgon Girl search.


But there is something different about Wicks from the look of photos that were released this week showing her in the new work uniform.

Maybe it’s the hair going from curly to straight.

Who the hell really cares. It’s nearly time to get drunk on Yuengling, slam a couple of cheesesteaks and start yelling ‘punch, you lazy bum’ at the TV.

[Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks World Debut At UFC 101, Edith Labelle IS OUT!!]


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