Josh Hamilton. Boobs. Whipped Cream. A Bar.



Hamilton’s off-season training includes a Shop-Vac workout.

Update: So, Hamilton has admitted he was drunk back in January when the photos of him licking whipped cream off boobs were taken.

Quickly, we give you his words to the New York Times back in 2007 about recovery.

“You guys help hold me accountable for what I do,” he said, referring to members of the news media. “If I mess it up by going out and using again, I’d be the biggest hypocrite in the world.”

If that were to happen, he added, “It’d break my heart, but at the same time it’d break a lot of people’s hearts.”

Don’t forget, folks, that booze went hand and hand with his coke habit.


Say hello to a story that will sweep across the sports blogosphere and the MSM.

A married, God-loving Josh Hamilton. Boobs. A Can of whipped cream. A bar.

Deadspin breaks this morning what will probably be the second biggest sports story (behined Erin Andrews, of course) of 2009.

Ted Haggard totally approves.

[The Devil Is Still In Josh Hamilton – Deadspin]

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