Cuff 'Em: Florida Doper's Prose Fails To Impress Cheerleaders, Pulls Knife In Confrontation



There isn’t a day that goes by when we can’t enter ‘cheerleder’ into Google News and come up with some extremely strange or twisted story.

Yesterday it was the boys and girls in Lewisville, Texas dropping X at some cheerleading camp.

Today it is news out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida where the aging stoner above, Paul Hepperle, decided he’d work his magic on the high school cheerleading team, only to use a few choice words that led to a confrontation.

The victim reported hearing Hepperle “yelling obscenities” from the Wright Parkway side of the stadium complex, a Fort Walton Beach Police report said.

When he approached the fence Hepperle shouted, among other things, “Cheerleaders rule, you guys suck.”

A fight ensued and stoner pulled a knife. He was willing to go to jail to treat the ladies to some of his prose. Makes sense on a lovely Friday.

[Northwest Florida Daily News]

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