Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks World Debut At UFC 101, Edith Labelle IS OUT!!



Say hello to Natasha Wicks, who’ll be making her world debut Saturday at UFC 101.

There is breaking, major, important news this morning from the world of UFC Octagon Girls.

FanHouse is reporting that Edith Labelle, a 5-8 Canadian Octagon Girl is history at the UFC which makes room for the world debut of the newest Dana White find – Natasha Wicks.

Wicks, who won some UFC Girl contest back in July, will make her debut Saturday night at UFC 101 as BJ Penn and Anderson Silva return to the octagon as favorites in their fights.


The newest Girl isn’t your typical airhead blonde who knows how to put a foot in front of the other.

From Natasha’s Model Mayhem account:

I was never the hot model type but instead was a well known (on west coast) cross-country runner and I attended college (NAU) as an athlete. I took a break and moved to Hawaii where I was approached to model and that is where I started.

Her new career gets started as one of the most infamous comes to an end. Labelle (below), a French Canadian, is about as big as it gets for Octagon Girls in the world of MMA. FanHouse says that it’s unclear whether she quit or was fired.

It’s interesting to note that she was present at the UFC 100 weigh-ins, yet absent from the actual event the next day.

We predict she wanted more money, the company said no, she said I quit and they said don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

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[Edith Labelle Out, Natasha Wicks in as UFC Octagon Girl]

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