Cowboys Stadium Locker Room Toilets & Shower Not Really Impressive Place For Crap & Suds



Minneapolis airport john? Nope. Jerry Jones built this shrine.

We were impressed by the $90 pizza.

The video screen is going to draw the gaming geeks who dream of one day playing Halo on the world’s largest HD scoreboard.

But the toilets and showers that Cowboys’ players will use? So ordinary.

We don’t see plasma screens in the mirrors. Guys will actually have to use stalls right next to each other. A billion dollar stadium and this is the best they can do?

The horror!


We’ve attempted to give you a small sampling of how footballers across the country are showering and find that, frankly, the Cowboys are going to feel a little bit left behind with their facilities.

Auburn footballers have school colored tile.

Old Cowboys Stadium showers.

Palace of Auburn Hills showers with the 8-foot high heads.

Staples Center gives NBAers options on shower heads to use.

Yes, it’s just a shower but this is America’s Team we are talking about. Where are the built-in HD monitors? The gold shower heads?

Not even a giant Cowboys star in the middle of the floor.

We hate to say it but Jerry Jones skimped on this aspect of his castle. Expecting futuristic, we got disturbingly simple and that is unbecoming of this organization.

So disappointing.


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